Thursday, 28 July 2011

Git Offa my Porch.

Foxy has nicked off with one of my drawings for his ace single 'Flowers'. It's a cover of the Galaxie 500 classic, which I have loved for a very long time!
He will be playing it this weekend at his very first festival, Indie Tracks. OOoo I can't wait!. We are giving away the single for free to anyone who comes along to his set, and I'll be stocking the merch stall with a few of my goodies. Oh, and we have a new tent to kip in! It has a porch, which I intend to sit out in, strumming a banjo and possibly drinking a beer or two. Roll on the weekend!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

'Branch Out' now available from Easy Art

This is one of the first screenprints that I made, and still one of my favourites. It's currently being reproduced by Easy Art  for £23.95 including delivery.
 They also have a range of some other my other images, all reproduced from the original screenprints.

This one is called 'Bramble Bush' and is available for £9.90 inc. delivery. Follow this link to see the rest of my folio with Easy Art

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Car Boot Fun.

I went off to the Studley car boot sale with my friend Sara on Sunday morning. We both came home laden with treasures (and slight sunstroke!)
Here's what I found:
This chap made me chuckle so much that I couldn't walk away without him. He has the most sinister and perturbed face!
And he's a teapot! Incredible!
I also found this nice teatowel with a rather good mushroom design:
and a  twee picture of a dog and cat:
Stuff I never knew I needed!

New Print

Here's the working sketch for a new print I've been working on over the last few weeks. I'm working out the colourways and making the screens for the background colours today. It's the biggest print I've done for a while, and is based on the the little 'Lovebirds' painting I did earlier this year.
 This image is my ink drawing onto film, ready to be exposed onto the screen.