Thursday, 29 August 2013

Five a Day?

More like Fifty a day at present!
To do list....
Make mulberry jam and gin, make a chutney with toms, beans etc, make some tom and courgette ratatouille to put in freezer, make a hotpot of some kind with borlotti beans and spuds, deal with apples, pick the courgettes (again!), pick raspberries..

I'll never get any work done at this rate. Still, it is a very pleasant 'to do' list, and a joy after the drought of fresh produce last year.
Right, back to the kitchen!

Monday, 5 August 2013

New Print Special Offer until Friday 9th August

This new print, 'Buttercups' is out today.
I'm offering a very special discounted price to members of my mailing list and Facebook page.
Buy this print for just £20 (including p&p, and a professionally cut mount) until Friday 9th August- a discount of £10 from the full price of £30 (the price will revert to £30 on Saturday 10th August).

Just follow the website link to make an order:

all the best,


p.s- I'll be at Worcester Artisan Market on August 17th,
 and Moseley Arts Market on August 24th.