Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rainy Afternoons.

The rain is belting against the studio windows as I'm working on new things for Printfest. I'm trying to make a multi layered print of otters floating about in the water. The screens are made, now to sample the colours.
This is the magic cupboard where I expose my screens! Looks a bit like a scene from E.T!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Busy at Bellwood and Wright

On Saturday I visited Bellwood and Wright Fine Art in Lancaster. I was invited to do a 'meet the artist' day, a new venture for me.

I've been represented by this gallery for a number of years, so I was keen to spend some time here and get to know Sarah Bellwood (the gallery owner, along with Andrew Wright) a little better.

The gallery has a wonderful collection of work on offer- some of my favourite printmakers are here- including Angela Harding, Jane Ormes and Sonia Rollo.
We had a really busy day, the gallery was buzzing with visitors all day. We made lots of sales, selling almost all of the work that I took with me. I'm planning to drop more off at the start of May, so be quick!
I had a whale of a time, and am planning a return visit towards the end of the year. Lancaster is lovely, can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New 'Girls Who Draw' book.

The new book from 'Girls Who Draw' is out! Loads of lovely new illustrations with an 'Endangered Species' theme. There are two covers: Mina Braun's colouring book, or Helen Entwisle's zine cover.
Another fine job by Karoline Rerrie, who has printed the covers and organised the whole project. You can buy them from my 'Not on the High Street' page, priced £4.50 each.

What if the U.N was run by Sausage Dogs?

We went for 'walkies' down to the Ikon in Birmingham on Saturday, to watch our sausage shaped pal, 'Frank', take part in this art installation. Bennett Miller recreated the United Nations with dachshunds as the representatives!
Loads of folks and 70 dogs turned out for the event. Surreal and top quality fun!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Silly Billy

Here's Billy, acting the giddy goat! Should be on the website at the end of the week.