Friday, 21 January 2011

My New Best Friend

Meet Stan.

He came to live with us on Sunday, and has been busy making himself at home. It's been a fun week, we've learned that Stan loves cheese, isn't keen on apples, likes barking at squirrels, is freaked out by shadows and would prefer to sleep on our bed (NOT ALLOWED!)

Stan came from The Dog's Trust in Evesham. I was really impressed with all they do to help you re-home your new pet. We attended a talk about training and general advice, and you are given all kinds of bits and pieces to help your new pal settle in. Full marks.

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  1. Hello Ruth
    We've met briefly (Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2009) and I'm on your mailing list so was thrilled to come to your blog and meet Stan (bonus!). Hope he's going to inspire some artwork? Can't wait to see your book too; is that ok at fortysomething?!