Thursday, 23 June 2011

Gardener's World

Last week I trolleyed along to my most local of the big garden shows- 'Gardener's World Live'. I've been every year for quite a long while, and I always come back a good few quid lighter.
The RHS marquee is always great. Lots of nurseries making a spectacular effort to show their plants to their very, very best. I was really impressed with the Pennards plant display, laid out like a traditional veg patch, with recipe suggestions for each variety. I also liked this tin can idea on one of the outdoor showgardens:
 I bought two new Pelargoniums from Fibrex Nursery (a firm favourite, I have a soft spot for species and scented leaf pels). Also Cephalaria Gigantea, (a huge lanky scabious type flower), Mathiasella 'Green Dream', and a lovely, twisty veronicastrum (I walked past Linda Barker, she said my veronicastrum was nice!).

The new plants got me thinking about the garden layout. I haven't really got to grips with this garden yet, despite being in this 'new' house for a good 18 months now. Stan has been leaping around and generally dashing about in the area that was to be my 'long border', so my ideas are changing rapidly.

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