Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cloud Busting

I had a lie in today. A weekday lie in is a special treat- I worked all weekend, and I have a cold. That's my excuses over with.
While I was at the Urban Art Fair in Brixton, a lady walked past wearing this beautiful cardigan. I accosted her, and demanded to know where she had found it. She obligingly showed me the label, and it revealed the name of a very great favourite of mine, 'Numph'.

Numph is a Danish label, and I have been following their collections for 5 or 6 years now. Look carefully at this sweater, and you can make out the cloud pattern that is knitted into the weave- just lovely. Anyway, I did some on-line shopping during my duvet day, and found one here: http://www.cove-online.com/p437/Numph-Fun-Cloud-Cotton-Ice-Cream-Cardigan/product_info.html
And the Numph website can be drooled over here:
And you'll be pleased to know that I am actually out of bed now, and getting on with some work!

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