Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Garage Damage!

It's been a funny old year for gardening. The allotment has been pretty much a disaster zone until the last month or so- but more on that later.
At home, we have finally made some progress with the plans to extend the garden. We had a dreadful old asbestos garage at the side of the house. We've had the asbestos removed, and demolished the 'palace of tat', to open up the area to the side of the house, and have a much larger garden. Almost 100% bigger.
New fencing has been installed, and the overgrown trees and bushes dealt with. Next comes the task of fence painting, then planning new borders, lawns and paths.
It was always our intension from day 1 of living here to tackle the huge tasks of removing the garage and dealing with the boundaries. Now it's out of the way, the fun stuff can really start, and I can start buying plants again!

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