Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Tale of Two Pearls.

A few years ago, this etching of a greyhound stopped me in my tracks as I hurried through the city centre. It was as if an invisible beam dragged me into the shop, and I bought it without a second thought, even though I was skint at the time.
It's an etching by Sonia Rollo, titled 'Pearl'.
Jump forward a couple of years, and another greyhound print took my eye.
This one is by Julia Manning, who I was lucky enough to meet at Printfest in Ulverston. This one is called 'Cats!'. Once again, I was unable to resist.
Julia told me that this print is of her greyhound, who is also called 'Pearl'. She was inspired by Sonia's work, and named her rescued hound after Sonia's handsome subject.

All of these greyhounds must have got under my skin, as I ended up with this one:

The name 'Pearl' didn't seem to suit him though.


  1. Both just beautiful prints - and a beautiful greyhound - what is 'not Pearl' 's actual name so we can say hello properly?

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    This one is called 'Stan'. If he'd been a girl I think 'Pearl' was definitely on the cards!
    We named him after Stan Laurel, as he is the king of comedy!