Monday, 13 May 2013

Stick to it?

There was a time, back in my student days, when all I made was collages. Lacking the facilities, and the know-how to produce print editions, I would print lots of little bits and bobs on different materials, then spend many a happy hour sticking them all together.

The technique is enjoyable, feeling like you are creating new and unexpected things from existing ideas. But it's also frustrating- glue all over your fingers, never quite enough of  the best bits that are working, not to mention the paper storm mess all over the place!

For a while I've been saving odds and ends from my editions, with the intention of 'doing something with them'. I found myself actually printing a few different papers and wood veneers, with the intention of using them in collages. It took a while, but I've finally had a go this weekend (despite the fact I should really be full speed ahead with show prep for Fulham Palace next weekend).
I'm not sure what I think about them. I like the mixed materials, but wonder if I feel a little like it is moving backwards. I'd love to hear any opinions. I might take them along to the show to see if they get any attention.


  1. What if you just let the collages be - collage for collage's sake - rather than collage in the context of other works of yours. After all people enjoy pictures one by one or in series of similar works.

  2. I love collage, the little unexpected textures and colour combos that can suprise and spark off new ideas. I think collage's are best when they are kept quite small, cute and whimsical. and i like a re-print of a collage too it somehow makes them look like a 'propper' picture.

  3. So good to hear these comments.
    I guess the collage process means it doesn't have to be like the prints. It gives the opportunity to be a bit more bold and see where they go.

  4. Love the collages! The colors and shapes are so nice together.