Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Goodbye Stanley

The last couple of months have been a tricky time.
I spent the Summer completing my second book for the Tate, a commission that I enjoyed very much. 'Stanley's Plan' is a story about my beloved hound, Stan, and his mission to get at a big pie.
Unfortunately, the very same week that I got the proofs through for approval, Stan was killed in an accident.

I was with him when the accident happened. He ran into a fence at our local park, whilst off chasing a squirrel, (one of his all-time favourite activities).

To say we are heart-broken doesn't begin to cover it. Stan was such a big part of our everyday lives, and his big personality was adored by our friends and family alike. I was overwhelmed by the good wishes that people gave us when they heard the news, and I'll be forever grateful for our wonderful kind friends who have helped us immensley.

This picture is of our first meeting, at The Dogs Trust in Evesham. It was January 2011, we chose Stan when one of the staff nodded and said 'He's a good dog' when he saw us looking at him. 

Stan was a handful, the king of chaos. He pulled on his lead, stole food, took up the whole bed and had the worlds worst farts. But I loved him, and am happy that we got to share our lives with such a friendly and fun dog.

We've adopted two new boys. Bertie and George are settling in well, and I'm looking forward to the adventures we will have together. I'm happy to report that neither of them seem very interested in squirrels.

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