Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Fruit Leather

Things to do with strawbs...

Make a smoothie. I like to add a 'nana and some apple, and a squeeze of lime juice. And sometimes vodka. It's also really good with sparkling wine, or champagne if you are a fancy pants!

I was always a bit upset to throw away the fruity pulp from the juicer. Bob Flowerdew has a solution, fruit leather. I got his book 'Grow Your Own, Eat Your Own' from my bro a couple of Christmases ago. It's been pretty handy, and I love Bob's take on lifestyle pics- his garden looks a bit of a state! Old bits and bobs (s'cuse the pun) all over the shop. Very encouraging. Anyway, basically you empty all the pulp into a pan, and simmer it for a bit to make a paste. Grease a tray, and spread the paste out, then leave it in a very low oven, or out in the sun.
Since the weather has been so fine, my leather has been drying on the patio. I raised it off the ground on an old plant stand, and covered it with a silkscreen to keep the flies off.

 Then, when it's completely dry, chop it up and store in a jar. Easy. And tasty.

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